Yosei Official Art
Species Type Faebug
Homeworld Diakatan
Diet Wisps, Hitodamas
Average Size Unspecified
Intelligence Non-sapient
Yosei Sprite

Yosei are a species of faebug that inhabit fields of low-lying grass-equivalent indigenous to the planet Diakatan, preferring areas with powerful magical springs or spirit energy, which seems to attract them in a similar manner to an insect being attracted to carbon dioxide - it is believed that their prey seek these energies out themselves, likely upon which to feed. Because of this, Yosei are oftentimes found in graveyards. However, the natural magical exertion brought on by this particular species is considered dangerous by many individual sapients - this is because as it trickles down to the land, it often seeps deep into the earth, and as such can actually reach the bodies of the deceased. This can cause irrevocable issues: chiefly, it can cause reanimation of the body at any stage of decay with enough saturation. As such, Yosei have been the cause of numerous zombie outbreaks and are sometimes sought for extermination when discovered.

Eventually, a subspace anomaly in the spacetime continuum and the dimensional barrier allowed species from a number of universes and planets to be brought to Earth, leading to an inadvertent invasion. Yosei were amonst the species brought in through the warps, inadvertently leading to an undead plague.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Yosei are loosely based off of the Yōsei, a type of creature in Japanese mythology considered synonymous with fairies.


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