Okay this is my blog for letting out all my annoyances and pointless junk. So here I go.

If you want perfect, don't start. Life isn't perfect, so don't start something and try to make it perfect. Aim for good enough and you'll be fine. Otherwise...

Welcome to Fail. Population: you. Don't shoot for perfect, okay?

Never interrupt me when I am talking to myself. That's the number one rule. Follow it and we'll all be fine.

Never go to bed angry. Stay awake and plot your revenge. Why sleep when you can plan someone's destruction?

Say no to drugs. Say yes to tacos. Life would be so much better if we all had tacos instead of drugs. So put down the beer and pick up the taco. Yum yum.

WTF!? Hey, even the calender wants to know. (Ya know, SMTWTFS)

Blondness: I hope you're a fan. Hey don't worry...I'm a brunette with many blonde moments.

Blonde: What does "IDK" mean?

Brunette: I don't know.

Blonde: OMG no one knows!


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