What if people could order a robot in the future? I imagine they'd be able to fully customize it in the way they want. Of course, there would be some limitations depending on your clearance level. A normal civilian wouldn't get all the military options a commander would.

Anyway, I thought it would be cool to see what you guys would want for your robots. Below are the details you would include. If there are some traits or abilties that aren't up here feel free to mention it. Enjoy!

Get Your Own Robot!

Have you always wanted your own personalized robot? Well now you can thanks to the Stone Corporation!


This is the shape of your robot.

  • Humanoid, dog, cat, fish, jellyfish, shape (sphere, prism, pyramid, cone, cube, cylinder), goo


  • Pocket: 1 in
  • Nano: 7 in max
  • Medium: 4 ft max
  • Oversize: 6 ft max


Three traits come preprogrammed (PPG)in every model: loyalty, dependability, and obedience. If you don't want one of these traits, please specify on the order form. Note: this option is not available to all people.

  • Intelligent, animalistic, friendly, capable, curious, persevering, enduring, faithful


Not all abilities are available. Please see your Clearance ID to find out what your options are. Some abilities are only allowed in humanoid modules. Also note that you can get a set of abilities instead of purchasing each seperately. Sets: Military Intelligence (MI), Humanoid

  • tracking, camera, recording, sight, cooking (HO), speaking (HO), sonar, problem solving

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