Thor Steinbach
Thor (They Rise) Kill The Dead
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 30
Land of Origin Anchorage, Alaska
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Green
Weapon Varies by what's on hand
Power None
Political Information
Occupation Newspaper Carrier (before Z-Day)
Survivor (after Z-Day)
Allies Aaron Waller
Scott Root
Enemies Zombies
A Bunch of Psychopaths
The Antithesis
The Solution

Thor Steinbach is a determined survivor of Z-Day. Despite the innumerable horrors that the outbreak has unleashed, he seeks to find a way out of the town, meanwhile saving as many other survivors as possible.




Thor, being just a regular Human, has no abilities beyond normal Human capacity. He has somewhat stronger arms than average due to being a newspaper carrier. This allows him to throw items slightly further than your average survivor.


Before Z-Day occurred, Thor had plenty of friends—well over two hundred—thanks to his quirky personality endearing him (slightly) to others. Despite this, extremely few of them he was actually particularly close to and could be considered more than just associates of some sort, including the majority of his own family.

Despite this nebulous association with others, upon his discovery of Z-Day having taken place, he immediately sought out these people to save as many as he could—Thor believes in strength in numbers and is too selfless to let so many others perish. Of those he once knew, most he found were able to be saved, though some had either perished or had gone insane and had to be put down.

Thor has two friends who have decided to join alongside him in his quest to survive: Scott Root, a local and semi-famous DJ; and Aaron Waller, a former employee at Fred Meyers and old friend from high school. Most of the others he befriends he later loses touch with as they continue to fight the good fight without him as he seeks to save others he knew across the state.

Background HistoryEdit


Thor was not particularly observant the night that Z-Day began, although he was one of the few who got to witness its humble beginnings with the Infected Mosquito swarms and the various stages leading up to full-stage outbreak by daybreak. This is because Thor was busy throwing papers that night. He was simply extremely lucky to get back home unscathed.

The Anchorage IncidentEdit

The Outbreak Spreads: Denali DeathmarchEdit

Having survived the outbreak in Anchorage, Thor travels northwards towards Denali National Park, specifically seeking out Healy, Alaska where his mother's husband works at the coal mine. He convinces both Aaron Waller and Scott Root to travel with him. Luckily, while the Anchorage bowl is crowded and main roads are blocked, Thor is able to make his way through rural streets and once on the other side of Wasilla finds the path to Healy surprisingly clear of both abandoned cars and the undead (at least in large enough numbers to be a real hassle.

Ground Zero: NinilchikEdit

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