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The Hunters
Hunter logo
The Hunters are the antagonists in The Assasin.
Biographical Information
Race Daraction Humanoid
Age (they are a group)
Land of Origin Daraction
Physical Characteristics
Gender All are male
Hair Colour (they are a group)
Eye Colour (they are a group)
Weapon Laser detecting devices (LDDs), power charges, power charge guns, explosive chains, stunners
Power None
Political Information
Occupation Hunting various Daraction civilians, for certain reasons.
Allies Unknown
Enemies None

The Hunters a group of Daraction men that hunt for various Daraction civilians, it is unknown why they hunt who they hunt, it is just known that if your being hunted by them, you are in danger. There is no exact threat to the hunters. The hunters claim to be hunting citizens that pose a threat to Daraction, yet they give no reason why they hunt who they hunt. The hunters live on a street sometimes called "Hunting central" because of the hunters' building being on it. There is a building on that street called hunters central,which is the headquarters of the hunters, where the hunters meet and discuss who their next target is, demonstrate weaponry, and plan on how to catch their prey.


They always wear brown old fashioned trench coats and when on the hunt try not to show their faces. Their clothing under this is a grey shirt having the hunters' logo. Their pants are black and they wear common Daraction shoes. Only hunters of high power (known as "head hunters") have thin pieces of armour around their necks and torsos.


Dictating, no remorse for their prey, and will stop at nothing to catch their prey.


The hunters have many weapons and gadgets that help them catch their prey, among these are the; "Laser detection devices", devices that can detect their prey's DNA and can also be reversed into a laser weapon. Power charges are bombs that are portable and can only be activated using a code word that the hunters only know. Power charge guns have the same amount of explosive effect as power charges but can be shot and used long-range. Explosive chains are bombs that are set around the perometer of buildings and when one is set off the rest eventually go off as well. Stunners are medium sized hand-held weapons that generate large amounts of electricity and can be lethal.


Jason KnollEdit

Jason Knoll is one of the hunters' various prey, it is unknown why they are after him they just are, but Jason has managed to escape and they currently do not know where he is.


The hunters have been around for twenty years. Ten years back, the hunters started hunting for Jason, Jason sensed them and fled, so the hunters went after him, he escapes and it is unknown where he is.


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