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Tentacleiosaurs originate from the planet Vuunega, where they are one of three dominant lifeforms on the planet, dominating the Zeeon continent. A tentacleiosaur has tentacles or tendrils in placement of forelimbs, while their hind limbs are supported by calcium bone. Most tentacleiosaurs possess mouths considered untypical, with layouts such as the proboscis (seen in the Screek), the razor gullet (seen in the Therox) and death petal (seen in the Aurix) featuring prominently across the board. Many tentacleiosaurs, though not all, also possess a bone or horn weapon on their tails and are symbiotically conjoined with the Chlorolomba (although symbiosis has been lost in a number of species). In layman's terms, they could be described as "reptilians with tentacles".

The tentacleiosaurs evolved straight from the Terrapods. They are also easily mistaken by the uneducated for the Eoreperens, a group of earlier reptilianoids that would lead to the Zrrmzasha.










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