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Biographical Information
Race Human spirit
Age 15 (at death)
Land of Origin Modern
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Green
Weapon None
Power Walks in dreams
Political Information
Occupation Spirit
Allies Good spirits
Enemies Bad spirits

After passing away at age fifteen, Summer chose to return to Earth as a spirit because she wasn't ready to leave the people she loved. Although she is not depressed like most spirit people she is lonely sometimes because she can only talk to her friends and family in dreams.


Summer has blonde hair with an orange tint that makes some people consider her a "redhead." Her eyes are grey-green. She lives in the modern day and can usually be found in restaurants at a table for two. Her hair is mostly down with two high pigtails, one on either side of her head. They do not stick up, rather hang limply. Around her head is a blue headband. She wears a traditional school uniform: a white-and-blue "sailor" shirt and short blue skirt.


For a spirit, Summer is quite uplifted. Even though she's seperated from those she loves she tries to look on the bright side, seeing the good in everything. She can be very moody though, happy one minute and grim the next. Summer is often lonely because she hasn't met any other spirits her age.



Like most spirits, Summer can walk in the dreams of those she knows. She can see them and speak with them. Unfortunately the person she talks to usually doesn't remember it in the morning and if they do they usually shrug it off as "just a dream."



Unlike most teenagers her age, Summer had a close relationship with her parents and loved them dearly. After she died she still felt like she needed to talk to them and live with them but it didn't really work out.


Summer's first and only boyfriend was a boy named Seth. They were both in the same grade and deep in love. Even after her death Summer continued to contact him through dreams.

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