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Planet blue
Galaxy Tailspin Galaxy
Solar System Uppertail
Orbital Position 1st
Suns 1: Surya
Moons None
Rotation Period 72 hours
Orbital Period 122 days
Class Gas
Atmosphere Breathable
Climate Warm
Terrain None
Gravity None
Surface Water None
Species Squig
Language Squiglian
Government None
Population Less than 100,000
Major Cities None

Squiggly is a planet home to strange creatures known as squigs.


According to, a squiggle is:

  1. A mark or movement in the form of a wavy line; curlicue
  2. An illegible scrawl

The squig creatures are each a different line drawn with different curvy lines and spirals.


There is no surface or earth in this world since it is a gas planet. Squiggly is a planet of air and many clouds. These clouds are not like Earth clouds. They are translucent, allowing light from Surya to get past. They are also dense enough that they can be stood on.



The main species on this planet is squigs, creatures each made from one line curved and bent into different positions to make different subspecies. Each squig has a name that tells what it represents. Squigs are special because they are sentiments of human morals and feelings. The following is a list of all the known squigs. The list is constantly changing as new squigs are discovered.

  • Dream: half a star with a spiral
  • Fish: fish with spiral
  • Love: heart with a spiral
  • Question: question mark without the dot
  • Spiral: spiral
  • Star: star with one side missing
  • Storm: spiral with zigzag
  • String: an upside-down "U"
  • Tie: unconnected bow tie
  • Twist: eight with spiral
  • Wind: spiral with a head

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