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Picking up the leather bound book my parents, the king and queen, gave me, I sighed. Another 'How To Be a Proper Princess' book. It seems this is all they care about. I have at least thirty of these things... All the same words, font, letter size, just different covers. Ugh!

"Princess Alex, your carrige awaits." My butler anounced.

Yay. It was my speech day. All the future queen stuff. Sometimes, I wish I could get away from it all. I grabbed my purse and walked down the stairway. Rested my hands on the gold handles of the huge front doors. Pulled them open. Walked to the carriage and waited for the footman. Got in. Same routine, always.

"Hi Alex!"

Snow moon angel


"Whoah! Shay, what are you doing here?!" Shay was sitting in the seat next to me looking glamorous as usual.

"Thought I'd tag along."

Meanwhile, in the forest...

"Nolan, I think I hear some one out there. I'm going to check it out."

A teenager with dirty blond hair pulled himself from his make-shift bed under a bush with a grunt. "No, you're not. I'm going and you're staying here." He pulled a dull sword from a compartment in the old oak tree next to him. Glancing around, he disappeared out of sight.

Sighing, I toyed with my dagger, turning it around in my clamy hands. One of these days my brother was going to get himself caught. Or even killed.


I whipped my head around at the sound of a cracked twig.

"Nolan?" A bush rustled. "Is that you?"

All of a sudden, a boy with dark brown hair leaped out of a tree. He had an arrow aiming at my neck, anger flaring in his chesnut eyes.

I fell onto my back and the stranger loomed over me. I reached for my dagger, but he must have seen the attempt. He pressed the arrow's tip slightly into my neck. Blood trickled down. I knew that there was only one way to get out. To scream, so I did. Then I blacked out.

The person I was waiting for was heading towards me, brandishing a dull-tipped sword and running at me in cold fury. I guess having a knocked out girl beside me didn't make a good image. I just caught a snoop! What was he so angry about? Didn't he remember me? No, you're wearing a hood and cloak. "Nolan?! Do you remember me?"

"No." He paused. "but you look familiar."

I tore of the cloak so that I was wearing my usual shirt and shorts. "What about now?

"Colton!" Nolan was looking friendlier by the second. Then his face grew dark. "Why did you attack my sister?"

"I thought she was a rouge. Last time I saw you, we were only nine. I didn't know that you have a sister. Sorry..." I looked at the girl. "She's fine. She'll wake up in an hour."