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The Saroslyth.

The Saroslyth is a serpentine creature that can fly, blend in to their surroundings, and have powerful venom that causes you to fall asleep and wake up not remembering what happened. Saroslyth venom is studied to find out how it does what it does. These creatures origin on the planet of Daraction, but many variations of them are found on different planets.


The Saroslyth was named in code, it's name actualy means "slithering flyer".


There are two different types of saroslyths, the spotted on which lives on Gar and is wild, the brown saroslyths are on Zaros and are less vicious and more commonly found.


Saroslyths are most commonly found in Gar, where they are very dangerous and wild, but some are found in Zaros and come in a more wide selection of colors.