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Oki Tsukino
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Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 21
Land of Origin Earth
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Purple
Eye Colour Purple
Weapon Soul Sword
Power Focused psionic energies
Political Information
Occupation Psionic Ninja, Espionage Agent
Allies The StarGazer
Enemies Gohds

Oki "Chikyu" Tsukino is an expert Psionic Ninja formerly trained by the owl-like Psininja master Owcelet, who excels at the use of the Soul Sword technique. She is the oldest sister of three, with both Shiike and Rumiko being younger.





Although she appears to be a unthinking, purely loyal to the UFCL cause when on duty, she is actually an incredibly caring older sister to both Shiike and Rumiko. She also very much cares about her psininja master and father figure, Owcelet as well as Beezertl. She finds herself concerned over Goroku Himei's intended involvement with her sister, seeing his desire for her, and as a typical older sibling she has natural suspicions as to his intentions, though she does not feel he intends Shiike any harm and simply is infatuated with her.

Because of her position as a UFCL assassin, she has very few, if any, actual friends, and instead must keep herself focused on her work at most times, especially when war breaks out between humanity and the Gohds.

Background HistoryEdit

At the age of 21 she returned to their masters' lair to see her family (including Owcelet, whom she considered like a father), only to have a group of sadistic extraterrestrials attack the local city and decimate the area around the local Starlet Mall the very next day—this is likely due to her having a gut notion to return home as her brain predicted this occurrence early.

With the quick onset of interstellar war, and with Oki being a fully trained Psininja, she was conscripted into the navy to perform espionage missions against the enemy. She therefore did not get to travel with the rest of her family on board the StarGazer. Eventually, the fleet she was attached to was destroyed by the alien enemy forces, and she was kidnapped. She witnessed first-hand the aliens' usage of a belt that permanently increased their power output, and during this time as a POW she made a successful telepathic message to Grandmaster Owcelet, who worked on sending in the StarGazer to rescue her. During her escape, she stole several belts off of defeated foes.

Along with her sisters, she is discovered to be evolved from a powerful ancient human race, and utilizes a technology to help her harness her power, helping to turn the tide of the war.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Oki, along with the other StarGazer cast, was created in 1999.
  • Her given name was entirely random that simply sounded Japanese; however it turns out to be a feminine word meaning "middle of the ocean" (score!). Her family's nickname for her, Chikyu, means "Earth". Her surname means "moon field" in Japanese, also hinting at her sister Shiike's initial origin out of my high school obsession of Sailor Moon. Interestingly, her full name means "Water Earth Moonfield".

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