Hey, my name's Midnight. I highly suggest you leave me alone...I'm rather moody. Alright fine, I'll tell you about myself. I'm about three foot six inches, I live in another dimesion, and I'm bipolar. There, happy now? Me and my friend, I guess that's what you could call him, are loners. There are other people on this planet, some I know, other I don't. There are plently of interesting creatures as well. Now shoo shoo....I'm busy.


I often wear a bright blue dress. with black and white striped stockings. My shoes are black and white Sneakers with blue tops. I also wear black fingerless gloves that show my claws.


I'm tough. I don’t like to talk, but I'm not shy. I have extreme anger issues and will blow up when angered. I can be caring though, to those in need. I won’t stand for anything that will cause harm to anyone, and I'm not afraid to speak my mind.


I can throw my sharp quills like ninja stars, and also can be rather strong when I'm mad.


Relationship? Ok....that's gone too far! But I guess I do know someone that I like a little bit...that's Tech. Tech the Dog.


I was created in a lab. I grew over a point of fifty years, yet I still have the appearance of an 18 year old.  I escaped one day during a power shortage due to an electrical storm. I don’t stay in one place very long, and I wish to roam. I wants to find my true purpose, and why I was created.