Here at Make People Wiki we want to have pages full of interesting characters, amazing worlds, and exciting stories. Most of all, we want characters. You can help us accomplish that by making your own characters. They can know other characters you've created or they can be a loner in their own seperate world. You decide!

If you need help with creating a page, see Help. This page includes other helpful information about the wiki.

If you need help with layouts, see Layouts. This page has layouts for characters, stories, and worlds.

If you need help with templates, see Templates. Included in this page is the character infobox and story chapter infobox.

If you need help with categories, see Categories.

To see a list of all the different articles you can make, see Types of Articles.

All of these pages will be connected by a set of links at the top for easy access as well as link to the main page. We can't wait to see what you make! Creativity is welcome here, but please read the rules before starting.

Below is what the set of links will look like.

Main Page | Introduction | Help | Layout | Template | Category | Rules

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