Lunatic Entertainment
Founder Somarinoa
Type Video Game/Movie/Novel Company
Founded 1995
Headquarters Healy, Alaska
Area Covered North America
Employees 2

Lunatic Entertainment is a game, movie and novel company founded by Somarinoa initially founded in 1995, though it remained unnamed until 1996. While it primarily creates original works, it also has produced a number of fangames as well (which are not featured here but can be found on the primary article iteration on Creativity Wiki, found here).

Galactic Expanse MetaseriesEdit

Alien Dinosaur Trophy Hunter SeriesEdit

Conquest SeriesEdit

Diakatan SeriesEdit

Immortal Greed SeriesEdit

Master of Survival SeriesEdit

Mega Somarinoa SeriesEdit

Scourge SeriesEdit

The Vuunega ChroniclesEdit

Seriesless GamesEdit


Murder Kingdom seriesEdit

A series of mostly unrelated slasher films involving various gimmicky slasher characters who are named after various animals.

Vampire Treasure Hunter seriesEdit


  • Joshua's Trailer




Employee Name Job
Thor Steinbach CEO, Game Director, Developer, Enemy & Character Design
Scott Root Music

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