Lion, the leader of the Animal Tribe in the story Tribal.
Biographical Information
Race Human, shapeshifter
Age 19
Land of Origin The Valley
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour A reddish brown
Eye Colour Brown
Weapon Dagger, spear
Power Shapeshift into a lion.
Political Information
Occupation Leader of the Animal Tribe.
Allies Animal Tribe
Enemies Primal Tribe
 Lion is the leader of the Animal Tribe. He is noble and would do anything for his tribe.


He has reddish brown hair that is fairly long, which gives him an appearance like his animal form, the lion. He wears a goldish toga and carries a spear and has a dagger attached to the toga.


Lion is the type that would do anything for his tribe, even if it means risking himself. He also is very humble and strong hearted.


He has very good strength and also is good with his weapons. He can shapeshift into a lion, making him even stronger.



Tiger and Lion have been friends since they were real young and before the primal tribe even existed. Lion would do anything for her.


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