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Fire guy
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 18
Land of Origin Fira Chain
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Orange
Eye Colour Dark red
Weapon Sword
Power Fire
Political Information
Occupation None
Allies  ?
Enemies  ?

Kai is Amber's devious older brother. He can use a sword deftly as well as control fire expertly. Pretty much everything he tries, he excels at. He's also very cunning just like his sister.


Kai has medium-length orange hair and a characteristic smirk. His dark red eyes always have a hard edge to them.




Kai is quite skilled with the sword, catching the eye of even the emperor. As soon as there's an opening in the palace guard, Kai's going to take the spot.


At a young age Kai was able to master fire-calling to the extent that he is known as the youngest ever to conquer the art of fire.



As far as siblings rivalries go the relationship between Amber and Kai is plummeting downhill. Kai's prowess overshadows Amber's abilities, making him the family favourite. Not only that but he is constantly teasing her, creating a rift between the two that will never go away.