Jethran is a minor character in the story, The Assasin.
Jethran Ames
Biographical Information
Race Daraction humanoid
Age 16
Land of Origin Main City
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Weapon Knife
Power None
Political Information
Occupation None
Allies Jason Knoll
Enemies The Hunters, Talorm Artemis

Jethran is homeless due to The Hunters and is trying to fight back to save his planet. He is, in a sense, the leader of a small group of civillians against The Hunters.


Black hair, and dark brown eyes. He also holds his eye brows in a way that makes him look like he always knows what he's doing. He wears an old tattered jacket that is too big for him, old stained pants, and a used grey belt that carries a few weapons that he owns.


Typically calm and steady, but when action breaks loose he's quick to move and leave the scene. He's a quick thinker and is typically able to evade most bad situations. He also makes a good leader as he tends to not let his personality get in the way of a good decision for everyone. He also thinks rather highly of himself although he knows he is not that high up on Daraction. He tends to use a condescending tone with most that he speaks with.


He has above average strength, knows how to use various weapons.


Jason KnollEdit

Jason is an ally to Jethran, they both fight for the same cause and plan on the downfall of The Hunters. Though, they don't know eachother that well, Jethran trusts Jason.


Jethran mainly keeps to himself about his past and doesn't explain much. But he's basicly been on the streeets since he's been able to talk. He grew up while the Hunters were in high power and has had to basicly live on his own. He has a family but it is unknown whether they welcome him back or not.