Jaimie Melisse
Jaimie Melisse
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 19
Land of Origin North America
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Brunette
Eye Colour Blue
Weapon None
Power None
Political Information
Occupation Civilian
Power Gamer (hobby)
Allies Her father
Thor Steinbach
Enemies N/A

Jaimie Melisse is a 19-year-old human power gamer who plays a specific real-life action arena game, where she used a huge caterpillar as her avatar. She is the daughter of a National Geographic photographer who seems to be really poor at his job.


Jaimie is a very pretty young female, who wears her hair short. She wears street clothes, although her typical relaxed outfit she wears both at home and when in the virtual world consists of simply a white camisole and black or gray sweatpants.

In the virtual world she utilizes a giant caterpillar as her avatar. It is mostly green and fat-looking, but jagged strips of gold flash across its sides. It has a pair of long antennae, also gold in coloration, that move as if floating in water.




Background HistoryEdit

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