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NCS partners with MCO to bring you FOXES, an article documenting the studies of scientists concerning the mythical and majestic fox.


“FOXES are an incredibly diverse species with many different abilities,” says Dan Tieban, co-author of the Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures. Foxes are one of the listed “power” creatures in the aforementioned encyclopedia written by MCO. The article had the abilities of the fox listed as: tree-climbing, manipulating the elements, and other abnormal activities.

According to a study by the Institute of Pelts, foxes come in several colors: black, brown, silver/grey, orange/chestnut, gold, or a mix thereof.

It is agreed that young foxes are called kits. A study of pregnant female foxes, vixens, show that there are usually three to four kits in a litter. A fully grown male weighs about thirteen pounds while vixens weigh eleven and a half. Mature after seven months, foxes can live up to ten years.

Creature scans show that foxes are rare in the wild, less than one thousand around the world. 83% of foxes live around people: in zoos, research centers, family homes, and the black market.