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Elasia is a oceanous world with seven island nations: Fira, Fiir, Ellesmir, Myst, Gladia, Diaspell, and Cael. Each nation has its own culture and government as well as its own power or magical talent.


Elasia comes from the Elven term Elesien meaning "bountiful" or "abundant." Humans mistranslated the word when reading Elven script and


An island realm, the surface of Elasia is mostly water with seven islands placed randomly around the world.


Fira Chain: a tropical chain of islands

Fiir: a frozen antarctic land in the north

Ellesmir: a warm area in the north ruled by elves

Iles of the Myst: a hidden land ruled by elves

Gladia: a rich green land

Diaspell: a wasteland home to death

Cael: the center of trade






Humans speak Elasian and write in Elasian Script. On each nation the humans have mutated to adapt to their environments. It is unsure whether each nation has its own human species or not. Humans have a maximum age of 100, a tenth the age that elves can be.


Elves have lived on Elasia since it was first created. The same size as humans, they live much longer life spans as their maximum age is 1,000. Although their native tongue is Elven, they can also speak Elasian in order to communicate with humans. They usually keep to themselves. The two Elven nations are Ellesmir and the Iles of the Myst.