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Biographical Information
Race Loranche
Age Unspecified
Land of Origin Mainland, Primarea, Diakatan
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Unspecified
Eye Colour Unspecified
Weapon Dual chainsaw forearms
Power Gigantic
Political Information
Occupation Daikaiju (formerly lackey)
Allies Dr. Sergei Ripovovich (Mega Somarinoa 2)
Louhen Rehale (Long Story)
Enemies Somarinoa (Mega Somarinoa 2)
Rehan's party (Long Story)

Destruction is a Biodroid kaijin unleashed by a Loranche master (Dr. Sergei Ripovovich or Louhen Rehale, depending on telling) to decimate cities, alongside Chain-Yang, Star-Yang, and Rubiez.

Known IterationsEdit

Mega Somarinoa 2Edit

Monster SpaceEdit

Dangerous WildsEdit

Long StoryEdit

Destruction appears near the end of Chapter 14: Planet Invasion.

Corrupt businessman Louhen Rehale is infuriated that his many attempts to kill Rehan Goto and his party have failed, including his Biodroids, which he thought to be invincible. He then takes four of his lackeys, all which hold a personal grudge against the heroes, and proceeds to begin the Biodroid procedure upon them only in much higher dosages. ODing his subjects on the chemicals used in the process by giving them a thousand times normal dosage, they grow to gargantuan sizes. He then retrofits them with cybernetics: Abolis Banecrush, who would come to be known as Destruction, has his forearms and hands removed and replaced with a pair of massive chainsaws.

Realizing that these kaijin he has created will be seen from very far away, he decides to fit each of the four monsters with a symbol brought over from their homeworld by the Diakatanian Humans: the Ying-Yang Symbol, believing that it will fool the intended victims into thinking the creatures are not on their way to cause harm, despite their massive weapon-arms. Destruction suffered a facial mutation that forced one of his eyes lower on his face, and thus he was given a Ying-Yang mask to wear. The creatures were then sent on their way, half-crazed and more than a little violent.

By the time the giant Biodroids had crossed half of the distance necessary to take them to Big City, Rehale realized it was foolish to simply assume people in the target city would think them benevolent, and so he sent many of his personal staff to the city to act as spin doctors; the moment the kaijin came into view of the populace, these sleeper agents began spreading rumor that they were here to stop the alien threat. This proved successful and soon the majority of the populace was calmed. However, the kaijin arrived in the city and attacked regardless, forcing its populace into even greater panics.

Rehan and his party realized it was necessary for these monsters to be stopped, and so one-by-one they found a way to battle these beasts and take them down one at a time. Unfortunately, while all four were subsequently defeated, their collapse onto the city itself left massive areas severely damaged, leaving Big City in ruins.

With the four new Biodroids destroyed, Rehan's party comment with a, "Boy, they really should fire whoever thought those things looked cool."

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