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Biographical Information
Race Gohd
Land of Origin
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour
Political Information
Occupation Raider
Allies Other Raiders
Enemies Humans

Darliak is a Gohd.


He leaves his hair unkempt.


He is known to be the unit's "class clown", much to Captain Vorion's perpetual annoyance. When his jokes go unappreciated (which is nearly always), he seems to become saddened, as he sniffled upon being reprimanded by his commanding officer.



He holds the rank of footpad (the lowest rank type in the Raiders) and is assumed to likely never advance due to his constantly-attempted "comical" behavior.

Background HistoryEdit

He, along with seventeen of his brethren (known collectively as the Raiders), had come to begin an attack on Earth, starting with Tokyo, in an attempt to locate and kill Oki Tsukino after she assassinated his captain's brother. Unlike the other Raiders, he purposefully crashed his spacepod into Tokyo.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Darliak, along with the other StarGazer cast, was created in 1999.

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