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Darkov is a small city near Outer, on the planet of Daraction. Darkov is near to the ocean but is not exactly a beach because rather than having sand it has sharp craggy rocks and such eaten and worn by the ocean. Darkov is cold almost all year round because it is close to a very cold part of the ocean and sometimes will have lots of fog which is why this city can be very dangerous.

Economic StatusEdit

Darkov has a fair economy, but with its current leader being an ally to the hunters he is draining a lot of its money in order to help the hunters. There are some houses here, but not many due to it being mainly cold throughout the year, and also because the hunters control it almost completely.


Originally part of the land where Darkov now rests is a cave called the "dark cave" and it attracted tourists and eventually a small town formed around it and this town was later named "Darkov" which means "dark cave" in Daraction code. This small city was normal until the hunters' uprise, and then the citizens ended up accidentally electing an ally to the hunters as a leader.


Irin Norse is the leader or Darkov. Irin is a huge ally to the hunters and gives most of the taxes of Darkov to them to help fund their hunts, which has caused a lot of bad to the city of Darkov. Irin also treats his citizens real badly and tricks them into doing a lot of things for him.


The Dark CaveEdit

The Dark Cave is Darkov's namesake, and it is a large cave that is (as implied in its name) dark.