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This is the main newspaper of the Colored world.


1 January 2270Edit

Sky City, Land of Teenagers

We’ve all been watching the progress of the spectacular floating city. It is a legend across the continent and now it is in the sky for all to see. Heron Scivel, Brown genius, has announced that it is open to a select few.

This year’s aging class will be permitted to live in Sky City after they turn fifteen and take the color test. The details are yet to be released but you can be sure your children will be taught by the best of teachers and receive everything they need to become respectable citizens of Covia.

Says Scivel, “A beautiful city should be enjoyed by the public, especially teenagers. I believe in the highest education possible.”

Apparently anyone between the ages of fifteen and eighteen are allowed as long as they have taken the color test. The flying city looks to be the greatest invention of the century and…see F7

New Year Special EditionEdit

Guide to Coming of Age

Chances are you've heard about the color test. The teachers talk about it all the time. You take a test and get a color. But there's a lot more to it than just that.

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