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There are many terms throughout the story Colored that may not be understandable to some of you. Here is a list of these words and their meanings.

Blitz: a supposed Yellow that lives in Sky City

Brightlake: the city Blitz grew up in

Cole: a Black that lives in Sky City

Color: the method by which people are described; each person has a color representing their personality; a person can be called by their color like "He's a Brown"

Colored: having been assigned to a specific color personality after turning fifteen; also the name of the story involving Covia and Sky City

Color official: an official in Sky City assigned to a specific color; they are in charge of a group of teenagers with the same color

Color test: the test someone takes to find out their color

Covia: the world that everything takes place in

Covia Summit: the official newspaper of Covia, the world Sky City is located in

Eulalie: an Orange that lives in Sky City

Greenwich: the city Jon and Will grew up in

Jay: a Black that lives in Sky City

Jon: an Orange that lives in Sky City

Official: a person similar to police officers in the fact that they patrol the streets; many have special powers that give them an advantage over the average citizen

Shayla: a White that lives in Sky City

Sky City: the city that the story Colored takes place in

Will: a Pink that lives in Sky City

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