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Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 15
Land of Origin Scovia
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Silver
Weapon None
Power Shapeshifter
Political Information
Occupation Lab
Allies Amber, Birch
Enemies Scientists, Hunters

Cherry is a 15 year old girl living in a labratory with 13 other kids.


Cherry has long brown hair that has highlights of lighter brown and red-brown. Her eyes are hazel grey but they shine silver which makes her very unique. She has a characteristic smirk. Before being kidnapped she wore a brown suit characteristic of the middle class of Scovia. Once in the lab she was forced to wear all white.


Quick to trust and quick to forgive, Cherry can be swayed easily. Being kidnapped made her less trusting but she was still gullible enough to fall for the scienstist's tricks. Fortunately her partner Amber had no trust and kept Cherry from doing something she might regret. Although not as hot-headed as Amber, Cherry can be feisty when the time arises.


Cherry's main ability is her shapeshifting powers, given to her through a shot in a labratory. She has the capability of turning into any animal she wishes as long as she's not an animal for more than one hour.


Amber: best friend

Birch: best friend