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Central City is a sister city to Main City, and is very important, as it is the center of most production of energy, weapons, and many different items. Central City is also the center of all television broadcasts and newspapers. All mail, taxes, and bills are mailed from Central City.

Economic StatusEdit

The economy is similar to Main City's but with less houses. But it does have a lot of factories, energy turbines, and production buildings.


As soon as Main City became the central of all government Central City was created to help with production of currency. Originally these two cities were considered one, but soon later they became two different cities.


Arson is the leader of Central City. But his time being leader is almost over, and an ally to the hunters might get elected next.


Recreation CenterEdit

The recreation center is located in the middle of Central City and is where most newspapers, news bulletins, and mail is located at.