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The Animal Tribe is the main tribe in the story Tribal.
Animal Tribe
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age (group)
Land of Origin The valley
Physical Characteristics
Gender (group)
Hair Colour (group)
Eye Colour (group)
Weapon Various tribal weapons
Power Shape-shifting
Political Information
Occupation Tribe
Allies Bird Tribe, Parrotwins, other friendly tribes
Enemies Primal Tribe

The Animal Tribe is one of the tribes in Tribal. Each member can shape-shift into an animal.


Each member has clothing resembling whatever animal they shape-shift into, and sometimes their physical appearance is partialy animal like.


Varies, but all members try to keep peace with the other tribes.


Each member can shape-shift into different animals.


Primal TribeEdit

Ever since the Primal Tribe tried to take control and kill the other tribes the Animal Tribe has defended against them and they are now enemies.

Bird TribeEdit

Never interacting often but both tribes agree that the Primal Tribe should be defeated.


A long time ago when many tribes formed the Animal Tribe formed and has always been keeping the peace. They are now defending against the Primal Tribe.


  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Cheetah
  • Hyena