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Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
Solar System Voresh system
Orbital Position 3rd
Suns 1: Voresh
Moons None
Rotation Period Unspecified
Orbital Period Unspecified
Class Telluric World
Atmosphere Breathable
Climate Class 2 (Earth-like)
Terrain Varied
Gravity Class 2 (Earth-like)
Surface Water Existent
Species Permitted (caretakers, hunters)
Language Permitted
Government Permitted
Population None
Major Cities None

The third planet in the Voresh System, Altega (pronounced /ɑːltɛɡɑː/), has long been a Permitted zoo world, despite its proximity to the former Zommian homeworld of Vuunega. Initially barren and uninhabitable, the Permitted took several years to properly construct a common enough atmosphere that large numbers of species from various worlds could theoretically survive here without immediate asphyxiation. Though a zoo world, it is without renown amongst the Permitted and is use as little more than a temporary zoo world, a place to bring species taken on abduction expeditions to sort through and redistribute amongst the Permitted's numerous other planets, primarily to preserve worlds for sustained population establishment for later hunting expeditions. This of course makes Altega a veritable crossroads of non-sapient life from all over the galaxy.

Eventually species from Velora were brought here upon its tragic event, though they accidentally included sapient races. To try and save themselves, the Permitted crew which brought them here would quickly instead take them to Vuunega. Considering that the local sapients, the Aurix, are now considered spacebound, it is naturally assumed that they have officially taken over Altega what would likely have been their first colony world (perhaps second to Vuunega's moon), although they likely had no idea of its life-sustaining origins.




There are no colonies on Altega.



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