Alice Fike
Alice Fike
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 17
Land of Origin Big City
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Weapon Unarmed
Power Natural beauty
Political Information
Occupation Civilian
Allies Friendly with everybody
Enemies If she has any, she doesn't know about it
Alice Fike MS Sprite


Alice is a blonde, Caucasian female with fair complexion and light green eyes. She is very thin, roughly a Size 3, weighing about 104 lbs. Her favorite set of clothing is a long sleeved tight white shirt that comes down to just over her navel, and skinny, low-cut blue denim jeans. She finds Doc Martin shoes most comfortable and wears a pair of brown ones, laced taut.

When listening to someone during a conversation, she slowly cocks her head to one side, smiling gently.


A beautiful blonde 17-year-old, Alice lives her life as calm and carefree as possible. She definitely knows she's beautiful, and takes a certain satisfaction knowing her backside is a common rest stop for the eyes of both males and females alike. Although she enjoys knowing she's beautiful enough to gawk at, she doesn't let this go to her head, and remains sweet to most everyone. Interestingly, she's never so much as been kissed.


Alice has the same capabilities as any regular teenage human female.


Despite being considered quite beautiful, Alice has never been in any romantic relationships, and is actually very naive when it comes to those sorts of things. She is however quite friendly to those she meets and is not known to have any actual enemies or ill feelings towards other human beings.

Background HistoryEdit

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