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Alex as a princess
Biographical Information
Race American
Age 14
Land of Origin England
Physical Characteristics
Gender female
Hair Colour red
Eye Colour green
Weapon sword
Power fire
Political Information
Occupation princess
Allies Shay(BFF)
Enemies none...yet

Alex is deaf to the world around her, for all she knows is a princess' life. Her best friend, Shay, visits her often, but one day starts to ask questions that change both their lives forever. With Zinia on their tail, will they ever find the information they're looking for? Read Scandal to learn their story.


Alex has long red hair and forest green eyes. As a princess she wears casual clothing when she is in her private quarters or seeing close friends. However whenever she sees the public or is in the main quarters of the palace she wears formal gowns as suits a princess.

After joining the rogues, Alex wears camoflauge and pants. She keeps a sword on her at all times.