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Adelaide DeVaggio
Adelaide DeVaggio
Biographical Information
Race Diakatanian Human
Age Unspecified
Land of Origin Unspecified
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Orange
Weapon Unspecified
Power Priestess
Political Information
Occupation Member of the White Circle
Allies The Hidden Council
Enemies Cult of Bone

Adelaide DeVaggio, also known as Adelaide of the White Circle, is a priestess and cleric who lives and studies in the Hidden Council's secret realm hidden within a lost continent.


Adelaide is a young woman of fair complexion, dotted across her nose, breasts, and shoulders with light-colored freckles that are only noticed by those who pay close attention. Her hair is deep red, and hangs in loose ringlets off of her face. She is notable amongst her peers by her fiery orange eyes, caused by a mutation in the gene to give her the brown eyes of her parents. Some associate these eyes with her adept capacities in Light Magic, although this cannot be proven or disproven.

A member of the Hidden Council, she wears the robes of the White Circle, those magicians who study Light Magic upon the artificial, snowy island set up for them. This robe is of a light blue color, and hers has short sleeves. Arm bands of the same light blue hue accompany this robe, and the trim of the arms and bottom of the garment are adorned with orange flames, a custom job that she had specially tailored to represent her fiery eyes. Above the head on the hood is an orange gem embedded into the fabric, and an orange, fiery symbol is emblazoned on the chest. The middle of this chest piece is open, giving a small glimpse at her cleavage. She wears typical brown leather shoes upon her feet.




Background historyEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

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